At Immaginare Press, we take our mission to publish beautiful books seriously because we love books so passionately. We pour over every creative detail, every design decision and we hope the result is always the same for each title regardless of category. Whether we are printing a collectible photographic coffee table book or a cute children’s storybook, we always envisage a book that will stand the test of time.

Respecting each artist, author or photographer like they are members of our family, we give them artistic freedom to pursue their individual vision. In turn, they trust us to bring their concept to fruition in an accessible and enduring way. By building on the best traditions of publishing, we produce books that celebrate imagination and visual innovation in the crafts of photography, art, and writing.

Sharon, Ash, and the Bus
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In early 2014, threading together her passion for the arts and expression, Sharon formed Immaginare Press like a tapestry from her extensive experience and eclectic interests.

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Aaron Taylor

Aaron may well have saltwater running in his veins! Ocean conservancy is his priority and he lives to catch waves on his board or through the camera lens.

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Ann Krasner

Ann’s rich distinctive artist style captures a whimsical world, delighting children and adults alike.

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Anne Marie D’Agostino

Anne works in diverse media formats, her origins were in fine letterpress printing, book design, and oversized mixed media wall sculptures.

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Ash Winders

Joining the mercurial team at Immaginare Press, Ash found the perfect home for her creative flair.

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Brian Herbst

Brian has been an instructor in the Graphic Design Department at Woodbury University for over a decade.

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Dain Blair

It’s rare not to find Dain up before dawn, seeking the next great sunrise… his devotion to photography is matched only by his love of music.

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Daniela Torres-Mattus

Daniela Torres-Mattus incorporates her indigenous roots and soulful themes into much of her art—finding meaning in many Mexican rituals.

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Helga Frenner

Helga Frenner’s background is graphic design has given her a great art foundation, and the watercolor medium has always been her true passion.

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Jen Westmoreland Bouchard

Jen Westmoreland Bouchard is a curious traveler and an international literature, art, and design aficionado.

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Jens Lucking

Jens Lucking turned his passion into his profession in 1992, winning a string of awards since.

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Marta Elena Vassilakis

Marta Elena Vassilakis is a fashion and beauty photographer based out of Los Angeles and New York.

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Michael Murphy

Michael Murphy is a former agency Senior Art Director gone independent design professional.

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Phoebe Diftler

Phoebe Diftler is a teacher who brings together her varied backgrounds in Thai Yoga, design, intuitive work and Yoga.

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Richard Elliot Poole

Enchanted by numerology, Richard dedicated himself to devising a system that would encompass every combination of birth date and personalities.

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Ruben Rojas

Ruben Rojas traded in his suit for a paintbrush. He began transforming blank walls into unique, empowering messages.

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Russell Hoover

Russell Hoover, celebrated international photographer, seeks beauty in the unexpected. His passion for surf photography has taken him all over the world.

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Salomon Peña

Salomon’s patience and discipline developed during his years in the US Marine Corps. He now focuses his attention-to-detail through his camera lens.

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Wendi Knox

Wendi Knox is on a mission to uplift and inspire women to transform their muck into magic.

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