Ann Krasner - Immaginare Press


Ann Krasner is an amazingly prolific artist, whose distinctive style is widely collected both publicly and privately. Her rich and evocative style is instantly recognizable though Ann varies her expression between the mediums of oil painting, sculpture in mixed media, ceramic and bronze.

Ann’s work has achieved global recognition with numerous exhibitions around the world. Originally from Moscow, Ann settled in Malibu with her husband Paul and their three talented children.

When Sharon recounted to Ann the tales of ‘Albert the Alligator’, the two women realized they needed to collaborate and breathe life into the whimsical characters. The result was the children’s storybook ‘Albert and Ziggy’ written by Sharon Poole Blair, illustrated by Ann Krasner, and published by Immaginare Press in 2015. It is a wonderful tale of adventurous friends, brought to fruition by a pair of talented women’s synergy.