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Writer, Illustrator

Richard Elliot Poole was an internationally recognized painter and his work resides in many private collections. His art has been exhibited at the MOCAThe Palace of Legion of HonorM.H. De Young MuseumPasadena Museum of Art, and he had numerous solo shows throughout the world. Richard was an avid collector of Japanese prints and pre-Columbian art as well passionately curating musical recordings. He was widely travelled and his art was heavily influenced by life in Asia and the South Pacific.

About his art he wrote:

I try to communicate my feelings and intangible impressions of my inner vision of the world around me. I wish to create a mood, energy, or impression of a specific event, place or person. The act of painting is to me a meditative experience, which will convey whatever specific meaning the viewer wishes to feel from this.

My hope is to share some common inner experiences with the viewer – form, movement, interrelationships, energy fields, nature, optical vibrations, symbolism, and man are the elements I am trying to explore.

Richard unlocked his love for numerology late in his life, but his propensity for creativity and vision lead him to dedicate two years to developing a system that includes every combination of Birth Dates and their corresponding personality traits. The culmination of Richard’s numerological research and his new system became The Numeric Personality, and was published by Double Day press.

As a testament to Richard, as both an artist and a numerologist, Immaginare Press republished his work with his vibrant impressionist paintings illustrating his numerological system. The book honors him and his enchanting works; not as a stagnant homage but, we hope, in the dynamic way he lived and influenced those in he shared his life with.

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