Daniela Torres-Mattus headshot


Daniela Torres-Mattus grew up in a very small Northern Mexican town called Delicias in Chihuahua, the largest state in Mexico. She dedicated countless hours of her childhood learning to draw Hello Kitty characters and doodling. She eventually developed her artistic ideas further after moving to Mexico City at 18, London after that, New York, and then Los Angeles where she contributes her talents to Beautify Earth, an organization dedicated to making the world a more beautiful place through creating inspirational murals.

Daniela incorporates her indigenous roots and soulful themes into much of her art. She finds meaning in many Mexican rituals including the Day of the Dead and chose to share these ideas of glorifying modern life and positivity through traditional Mexican Calaveras. In Mexico, Day of the Dead is a celebration of ancestors through prayer, creating colorful altars and feasts. Daniela’s representation of this tradition is a way of making peace with death and being grateful for the gift of existence. Daniela’s father died when she was 14 and she assures their relationship keeps getting better from the other side.