Russell Hoover - Immaginare Press

Russell Hoover, celebrated international photographer, seeks beauty in the unexpected. His passion for surf photography has taken him all over the world.

After working 20 consecutive winters on Oahu's North Shore, Russell's passion and keen eye for conceptualizing images set him apart from other photographers. As Senior Staff Photographer for Surfer Magazine, he lived and breathed the magic of photography and the ocean. His images graced the covers of over 100 publictions world-wide, including the cover of inaugural Surfer’s Journal Volume 1 Issue 1.

Not all photographers love their craft enough to stay in the industry, discovering other photographic avenues. Russell's intuitive gift lead him to portraiture, an art form requiring sixth sense to get a soul-baring photograph. When Russell isn't working on extensive commercial work overseas he's based from his studio in Seal Beach, California.